Saturday, 21 July 2012

[Travelogue] BANGKOK

This is going to be a really short post. So don't expect much. The reason why I'm blogging because I still see people trying to figure out, or having their first virgin trip to the what is known as a shopping paradise. 

You see, I have made about 4 bookings to Thailand, 3 to Bangkok and 1 to Phuket previously. And so far, I only managed to go for 2 of the 4 bookings I made.

My objective of this trip, wasn't like the one in Sydney. It wasn't about enjoying the view and breathing the cold air. It was more of fighting the heat with my sunscreen and shades and haggling for lower prices at the different stores. 

I was on a purchase mode. [See already, haggle, buy]

I think Keong (Pei En) can justify that a lot because whenever I was contemplating two colours, she would say "aiya.... this one better" and I go "aiya nevermind, just buy, so cheap only". 

Yes. But before this trip, I read an article which I saw on my cousin's facebook page. I think everyone should read this before they decide to purchase something, especially apparels. It is very interesting, and I believe this is a fact, a tradition in fact. 


Prior to the article...
"And I think people fall prey to it because they want to own a piece of the brand, and unlike a dress, it’s suitable to wear the same pair of designer shoes every day, or the same designer bag. And people are just so uneducated about clothes that they’re not able to gauge whether what they’re buying is worth their money or not. I think there are actually are people who think it costs $5,000 to make a handbag."
Doesn't this makes a lot of sense? I think it really do. There are times, when I was so tempted to purchase a luxury bag, and then I hold back and think for awhile. Even if I carry it, on the train, on the bus, doesn't it look funny? Like the status does not tally in any sense. And I won't dress to suit my bag, and I will still wear my birkenstock wherever I go (comfy). So.. What's the point, then I put it back to the shelf and continue shopping for other items. 


So this time round, I googled and explored several hotels near the pratunam area. I wanted to save traveling cost. A few recognised hotel such as Baiyoke Boutique, Budacco, P2 Boutique popped out of my head immediately, asked around.. but.. decided to risk it and settle at this totally new boutique hotel.

The location is .....SEX (we used this very often when in Thailand, I don't know why, but we did)

Located at Petchburi Soi 19, once you step out, it is the Pratunam market. Once you walk out of the building, you see the new shopping mall - Shibuya19 and just across is Pantip Plaza, Platinum Mall and Platinum Soho and Central and Big C.

How can you possibly not book this hotel when it provides FREE WIFI, 24 Hours Concierge, Daily Breakfast, Clean white sheets to lay on and awesome location. 

I made my bookings with Agoda once more and emailed the hotel to get the extra bed ready. Replies were extremely prompt from the management themselves. They provide full fledged bathroom amenities! Which were a real good plus point! 

Frequently Asked Questions 
(well based on the questions I usually question others)

1. How to get to the hotel from the airport?
Well, this is really up to you. You can either take the train, like my friend and I to the nearest station and hop on a cab to our hotel. Otherwise you can always contact your hotel for a transfer service. But given the traffic, I really advice on the train. Its much better (:
2. Is Taxi or Tuk Tuk Better?
Well, Taxi are mostly by meter. And tuktuk are a bit scary. I think in general I would prefer the taxi, especially to further places. I feel safer in a way. But for the thailand experience, 100 baht (4SGD), just try at least once. 
3. Where is the best place to shop for girls/guys
 Girls: Needless to say, Platinum Mall, Platinum SOHO, Shibuya19 (new mall across Pantip Plaza), Pratunam Market and Obviously Chatuchak Market if your holiday crosses over the weekends.

I need to recommend this store located at Platinum SOHO, I think its the 4th or 5th Level, They sell their shoes for just 120 Baht. Was recommended by my cousin, last year, and this time round, I just whacked all the colours I saw that I fancied. So if you see it, just buy, dont hesitate! 

Don't forget to go to NARAYA to whack all those cute cushion-ny stuff. I have bought so much, I cannot even recall what. From lipsticks holders, to bags to pouches. The items price ranges from 35 baht to 400 baht. Which is rather affordable for a gift for someone at home. (:

Guys: Just save all your money for Chatuchak and Platinum Mall. The other places don't really have up to date clothings, unless you like clothes that have a sudden weird wording across your chest which you probably wont be able to figure out despite the amount of games that you have played. So yes, other than those two places, just accompany the girls. You should know very well, its a female shopping paradise. (:
4.What should I pack?
I guess it depends on the number of days you are going. If you're not like me, who do not wear new clothes without it being in the washer first, then, maybe you just need one set of clothing per day, and one set to sleep in. No need for heels or sports shoes, slippers would do the trick. Just in case it starts raining, you won't need to have your feet soaked in wet socks. EWWWWWWWWW. 

5. FOOD - will I get food poisoning?
This, is dependent on you. Look at what you're eating, and try only when you think the food is safe. Don't expect the environment to be super clean like Singapore's food court. If something isn't cooked well, and isn't right to eat it raw, my advice to you is DON'T EAT IT. 

And in the event, you get really adventurous, and ate it, please pack along diarrhea pills and stomach flu pills. They are easily attainable at the pharmacy, or just tell your doctor you are going Bangkok to eat street food. ; )

5. How much money should I prepare?
Well, for transportation all you need is probably 500 Baht per person for a 4D3N traveling. That is IF you stay at the hotel that I was staying at. I can't give you a exact amount to bring, but if you intend to purchase, 500SGD should be able to suffice, and if you intend to splurge, 600SGD and above would be good.

A meal would usually cost no more than 150baht. Typical female clothes are about 100 baht - 500baht, while guys are from 200 baht - 500 baht. So estimate it yourself (:

Well, that's all the question I can think of, off hand. So if you have any burning question, do drop a comment, and I will try my best to answer you! (: 



  1. Hi Gal,the room at Ideal Pratunam is standard double with window right? The room looks rather spacious with the extra bed. Is it clean?

  2. Hi dear!

    So sorry for the late response. Yep! Its a standard double with window! (:

    The location is awesome for the price you pay!

    Yep, the rooms are your normal boutique rooms, the beds are comfy and spacious (i think it is a full queen) and yes,it is clean, the owner is super friendly! (:

    Hope that helps!