Friday, 6 April 2012

[Food Review] Authentic (Hainanese) Curry Chicken Rice

Cheng Delicacies 
(Authentic Hainanese Curry Rice)
27 Yong Siak Street
Tel: 6223-7883
Opening hours: 8.30am to 8pm (weekdays), 8.30am to 3pm (weekends)

I thought I should share with everyone about this little place I found after the Maybelline Event just the other day. Michelle and I didn't want to continue our day at Social Haus, so we ended up exploring a little bit of the place, figuring our way to the bus stop and all to the next event.

We ended up settling at this curry rice store, which the taxi uncle told me "小妹要去TRY那个咖哩饭!"  - otherwise read as "girl, go try the curry rice". So hearing that,  and looking at the pictures, I was pretty convinced that it was going to be a good place to eat at. PLUS, there wasn't any lunch crowd there, so save the hassle of waiting waiting waiting.

I'm rather impatient so, that is that.

So Michelle and I, obviously ordered two plates of the Curry Rice. 

First and foremost, allow me to highlight to you that I am no food expert, neither do I know how authentic the meal is, cause it was my first time trying it. I mean, the closest I got to something looking that similar is the curry bento set that you get from Japanese cuisine. 

The chicken were fried to perfection; crispy, not oily at all. Its a tad bit salty, so, that may be the only down side. Potatoes were well cooked too! Not to "nua" (soft) that when you bite, there is still that raw potato + cooked potato texture. Which I super like for curry. You know the feeling of trying to look for potato in a pot of curry, and having to find none, because they all disappear into tiny tiny pieces of carbo making the curry super thick?

I hate that feeling because I love my "kan-tan".

Overall, I think the plate was sold for $6.50. A tad bit expensive in my opinion. But what the heck right, its like, I think I'm only going to go there in like, once in my life time. Not a huge fan, but.. I can always find available alternatives like Scissors Cut Rice at Jalan Besar. 

Well, Michelle was super attracted by the displays of eclairs and puffs, and she was contemplating between the two. After that one whole plate of curry rice, we order 4 pieces of eclairs, 2 vanilla and 2 chocolate. 

I must say, THOSE ARE GOD GIFT, GOD SENT - EVERYTHING LAH. One bite, and the cream within oozes out, not too milky or creamy, not too sweet too, just enough to complement the chocolate layered on top of the puff! Super delicious! Would love to buy some more of them, but.. I'm still an avid awfully chocolate fan. Sorry guys! 

So that's all I have installed for you, with regards to this short little food post. 

On a brighter note, my boyfriend is finally home from brunei. After a good 24 days away from me! So glad that he is safe and sound. 

Now, what should I do next? 
  • The Astalift review?
  • Another Maybelline video? Maybe maybe (cause I got the bb cream in 01) + giveaway of pdts
  • Movie Review?

Just a preempt, the blog may have to go on a short hiatus for a little while because  my exams are gonna commence come the 14th of April 2012. Well, no worries, I promise to leave you guys with something, once in a very short while to read up on. 


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